Why Choose LCD LED Projector?

- Oct 30, 2017-

Why Choose LCD LED Projector?

1. LCD LED Projector: LCD Image System-Providing Good Stability

3LCD or Single LCD Image system uses LCD Panel to produce color, but the DLP Technology uses a complex DMD chip and color rotating wheel for producing colours. LCD Image systems can produce the best colour and the technology is simple, so chances of malfunction are minor and if needed to replace the cost is low. But the DLP Image System using a complex chip has high chances of malfunction and if needed to replace the cost is high.

2. LCD LED Projector: Long Lasting LED Lamp

Two types of lamps are used in projectors. It is either an LED Lamp or UHP Lamp (UHP/UHE/UHM/NSH all are almost the same). Other projectors use UHP lamps. But EASUNTECH LED Projectors uses LED Lamp. LED Lamps have the longest lamp life among all other projector lamps in the market. LED Lamps having 30,000 Hours lamp life gives you the freedom to run the projector all day long. 

3. LCD LED Projector: Competitive Price Makes Projector More Affordable

When thinking of buying a TV, the minimum price for even a 40 Inch TV is USD500. At the same time, the minimum price of a projector capable of producing a 100 Inch screen is only USD50. So which one is worth your money? You would buy a TV or a Projector?


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